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Ship supporting industry linkage "China core"

Released from the shipbuilding industry association Chinese ship industrial operation situation, the first three quarters, Chinese shipbuilding capacity first in the world, in order to load tons accounted for 39.1%; new orders after South Korea, accounting for 33%; hand-held orders continue to maintain the world's largest, accounting for 41.2%. China has become a real world shipbuilding country, but the large hull still needs a more powerful "Chinese core".
Europe: small and fine cluster development
Ship matching industry including engine, propeller and other marine equipment is an important part of the shipbuilding industry. Its development level directly affects the comprehensive competitiveness of the shipbuilding industry. The maximum value of marine equipment is the core of the development of the ship's supporting industry. The cost of the conventional ship is 25% to 30%, and the ratio of the high end ship is over 50%.
As the most influential China International Maritime Exhibition, it has been held for the 19 time, and the world-famous ship distribution enterprises have been unveiled to show their intelligent ship matching technology in the development trend of ship intelligence. Despite the overall movement of the shipbuilding industry, the dominant shipbuilding industry is still concentrated in Europe. Because of its long history and strong research and development, European shipbuilding industry has been widely trusted by the shipowners, occupying a market share of 50% to 80%.
China International Maritime Exhibition has promoted the communication and cooperation between shipbuilding powers and great powers. For the super segmentation of ship distribution market, maritime exhibitions, which are gathered at various ends of the industry chain, are also excellent places for their expansion and negotiation. During the "2017 China International Maritime Shipping Exchange Exhibition", "bulletin" reporter was invited to participate in the Norway ship with Group of enterprise Prime Norway group (PGN group) will meet the media, to understand the new breakthrough of PGN group in the field of intelligent ship, and take the perspective of the European shipbuilding industry advantage.
According to the introduction, PGN group, following its appearance in 2013 and 2015, took part in the "2017 China International Maritime show" this year. PGN group was founded in 2013. It is a fully independent association established on the basis of 17 groups in Norway in 1983. It is one of the important market channels between Norway's main equipment suppliers and China's shipbuilding industry. As early as the 80s of last century, the enterprises in PGN group had already entered the Chinese market, accompanied by the development of China's shipbuilding industry.
Ship intelligence is the trend of the times. Norway always focuses on the concept of innovation. In the field of intellectualization, Norway is also a leading shipping and shipbuilding country. Brunvoll is a well-known ship propulsion and control system equipment supplier in Norway, and participates in the competition of Chinese shipping market in the form of agency. The permanent magnet motor driven thruster developed by Brunvoll has significantly reduced the fuel consumption of the ship. In the field of the unmanned ship, large data based on the operation system can lay the foundation for this. In August, Brunvoll entered the cruise ship matching field for the first time, providing a diesel driven propulsion and manipulation system for the American ship owner SunStone Ships. Previously, Brunvoll signed the equipment contract with China Merchants' heavy industry, and the ship system is expected to be delivered in the first half of next year.
Jets, the world's top priority in the vacuum health system, is also a member of the PGN group. This year, Jets launches a new ship's vacuum sanitary system, which can save nearly 65% of its power consumption. According to the introduction, Jets is also a equipment provider for the Vista ship type platform used by China's first luxury cruise ship.
Compared with the shipbuilding enterprises, the ship distribution enterprises are very low-key, such as the members of the PGN group, but their value and importance should not be underestimated. From the perspective of Norway shipbuilding industry in Europe, the glory is not one, is to rely on long time and technology development, such as Brunvoll have experience in thruster system, more than one hundred years, for all types of ships delivered worldwide and installed more than 6000 dynamic positioning thruster.
The more important point is that the distribution of marine industry in Norway coastal areas, for decades, some areas according to the actual situation of local conditions, development of the prominent features of the formation of industrial clusters, to provide professional financial intermediary, classification, research and service in Norway as well as the cause of global sea. This is also the case in the shipbuilding industry, which is still difficult for China to reach.
But in this round of shipbuilding, especially in the downturn period of marine industry, PGN group has admitted that the pressure of business is increasing. The traditional merchant ship supporting contract projects are relatively low, but at the same time, cruise ships and expedition ships are showing new development needs, which will also help the new growth of shipbuilding business. In this regard, PGN group will actively do a good job of coping strategies and adjustment measures.
The PGN group said it expects a breakthrough in the field of fishing, marine aquaculture and wind power installation. The cause of Weihai has a long history. Fishing and maritime trade have been the pillar industries of Norway since ancient times, and the modern breeding industry has become an important economic source of Norway. With the bilateral relations between the two countries to pick up, CIMC Raffles actively to the marine fishery equipment, equipment and other aspects of tourism business, received a $250 million salmon Norway aquaculture equipment.
China: Shipbuilding needs to dissolve the pain of the shipbuilding industry
The weakness of China's ship matching industry has become the pain of the development of China's shipbuilding industry. The matching of ship matching industry with the development of manufacturing industry is a serious problem for many years, and has seriously restricted the healthy development and growth of the shipbuilding industry. It is generally believed that the shipment rate of domestic equipment on China's export ships is up to 50%, but it is not so high in practice. Even in many shipbuilding enterprises, the domestic equipment for the construction of export ships is around 20%, and the high end ship is lower.
In the view of the industry, the R & D technology is insufficient and the reliability is insufficient, and the shipowner is more confident of the foreign equipment and designation.