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"Ship cloud industry" creates a beautiful future for intelligent ships

In December 7th, the nineteenth session of the international maritime China exhibition, ship cloud director Li Fulin how to use the ship sinks for cloud - industry "big data technology in ship industry application and Prospect of" speech, he is introduced from the requirement of the times, the development of intelligent ship, shipping safety, electronic commerce service, ship cloud five hand.
He said the ship cloud is a comprehensive service platform of electronic business of shipbuilding industry by science and technology in ship culture China State Shipbuilding Corporation's (Beijing) ship industry big data platform Co. Ltd. and Beijing Business Department of Internet Information Technology Company Limited jointly launched the industrial Internet platform is for the manufacturing of digital, networked and intelligent demand, build up massive data collection, collection and analysis of the system is to support manufacturing source of ubiquitous connection, elastic supply, efficient allocations, its core elements include data acquisition system, industrial PaaS platform, application service system. Industrial Internet platform plays an important role to promote the integration development of Internet + advanced manufacturing industry ", the project ends from the supply side and demand side force, focusing on integration, focus on the basis of the development of a solid platform, efforts to enhance the platform operation ability, build a system of industrial development to the Internet platform, multi-level system of shipbuilding industry the.
"" provides the following main services for enterprises:
1. Building an enterprise e-commerce platform with data service industry
Using information technology, according to the characteristics of the industry, help enterprises establish information platform, including enterprise portals, digital product manuals, business public numbers and exclusive small programs, etc., using structured and parameterized data to describe enterprises, products and services.
The information data of enterprises and ship cloud platform can seamlessly connect data. A set of data and multiple platforms can update product data and service capabilities in a timely and precise way, and achieve rapid promotion in shipbuilding industry chain.
Two. The ability of data definition to realize the fast and accurate docking of supply and demand
The ship cloud platform relies on the rich ship type data resources of China shipbuilding group, and through big data analysis and processing technology, actively connects the products and service data of all enterprises on the platform, and initiatively push the products and services that are in line with the ship's form to the shipowners, design institutes and shipyards.
Ship cloud support enterprises publish all kinds of supply and demand information in real time. The platform will accurately, quickly and effectively match the supply and demand information based on the real capability data of enterprises, and finally achieve trade.
Three. To provide strong trade support for enterprises with the demand of data mining
Ship cloud data mining and tracking through platform platform, supply and demand sides not only achieve pre sale information platform construction, accurate supply and demand information in sale, but also provide full life cycle services for spare parts sales, repair and technical consultation after sale.
The cloud services in "Chinese manufacturing 2025" national strategy, implementation of the "two integration", "information sharing, resource sharing, collaboration, openness and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win" as the core concept of the information industry big data platform to build the shipbuilding industry of the whole industry chain, to achieve the national and global industry resources sharing.
When it comes to shipping safety, Li Fulin said that using big data can carry out intelligent ship safety inspection, effectively identify ship safety risks and quantify ship safety. Big data security system will change the previous "business training mode from scratch", through the security analysis system and regulations determine the terms of screening, inspection items, to determine the defects, reduce law enforcement personnel for conventions, technical rules of memorizing, understanding process and obstacles, enhance standardized, unified and efficient use of security rules, the law enforcement personnel as long as have basic professional quality to posts, promote the formation of comprehensive service quality and comprehensive ability cultivation. The use of big data implementation of ships carrying dangerous goods regulation, the establishment of a large data base of ships carrying dangerous goods identification system, type, number of carriage of dangerous goods by the system according to the Hong Kong imports all ships, automatic calculation and real-time port water transport of dangerous goods transport safety risk level, safety and accidents disposal options, possible accident probability prediction of dangerous goods, the Maritime Department early intervention treatment or emergency action to provide reference. Using big data to realize the scientific allocations of ship supervision resources, we can achieve early warning for ship safety risk and maritime traffic events, and provide forward-looking guidance for scientific deployment of maritime regulatory resources.
Li Fulin hopes that "ship cloud industry" will create a better future for intelligent ships. The ship automation system, can be fleet operations, the use of spare oil better together, can match the most appropriate route of ship and the most appropriate, to adapt to the most suitable transportation requirements, manufacturing enterprises can use the most appropriate ship to meet their own needs. The monitoring of real ship operation is an ideal and more scientific method to obtain ship operation data in the future. Through operational monitoring, the data can be obtained from ship attitude, sea condition, energy consumption, ship driving, ship position, ship motion and other equipment's working parameters, so as to bring down operation cost.